Live Tracking

This year it will be possible to track Santa live on his runs. Each evening a new link will be posted for that night’s run so from just before 6pm you can start to look out for him.

The daily link will be added here (if you want to follow Santa on more than one day don’t forget to check back for the new link each day).

On Friday 24 December Santa is in Brightlingsea visiting High St, Tower St, Waterside, Sydney St, New St, Nelson St, Wellington St, Duke St, Silcott St

He will start his run at 6pm and you will be able to track him live from just before 6pm at

He will be collect door to door in aid of local charities and good causes who all urgently need our support after a significant drop in donations due to Covid-19. You can also donate online here if you prefer.

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